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Foshan Manling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research and design, production and sales of the modern industry and trade Foshan glass machinery factory.

Company's main products include glass straight-line edge grinding machine (mlZ), linear grinding glass beveling machine (MLX), linear grinding glass bilateral machine (MLS), glass washing machine (MLQ), glass drilling machine (MLZK), special-shaped glass machine (mly), glass sandblasting machine (MLPs) and glass straight edge machines and other products. The company has outstanding Foshan glass machinery technical personnel and sophisticated technology.

Advanced technology and reliable quality guarantee to make full diamond glass machinery factory products to become the brand of choice for the vast number of users at home and abroad, can be widely used in furniture, construction and other areas of production, stability, innovation, full diamond glass machinery factory now has become China's first-class brand glass machinery enterprises.

Address: Shunde District Lunjiao street Guangdong city Foshan Province three Chau community timber market No. 10

Sales market: Chinese (provinces have distributor), International (Europe, Asia)

National Sales Hotline400-885-1129
Foshan, known as glass machinery factory, one of the manufacturers, especially glass beveling machine for maximum visibility, we will make every effort to provide quality products and perfect after-sales service with you!

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Address: 10,Wood Market,Shanzhou Village,Lunjiao Town,Shunde 

Distract,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China 



Mobile:13925971677 /18029252082(Miss Ling)     139 2825 3583(Zhang Xin - Deputy General Manager)


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Foshan Manling Glass Machinery Co.,LTD——To create the first brand of glass edging machine, the most powerful suppliers!

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